Southwest Dicitionary

Adobe - (a-doe'-bee) A sun dried mud brick used as a building material.
Arroyo - (a-roy-o) Dry riverbed that fills occasionally during our rainy season. Avoid building in arroyos!
Banco - (bawn'-co) A bench built from adobe usually covered with plaster, sometimes built beside the kiva fireplace or on a portal.
Canale - (ka-nal'-lee) A spout, which protrudes from the roof that carries rain water off a flat pueblo roof.
Corbel - (kor'-bell) A short sculptured beam lying on top of a post, principally decorative.
Horno - (hor'-no) A Freestanding adobe bread oven found at most pueblos and Indian homes.
Kiva Fireplace - (kee'-va) A sculptured beehive-shaped fireplace.
Latilla - (la-tee'-ya) Small branches used as ceiling planking, usually between vigas which are made of aspen, pine, or cedar.
Lintel - (lin'-tel) An exposed beam at the top of a window or door.
Nicho - (nee'-cho) A sculptured indentation in the wall used to display art work.
Portal - (por-tal') An outdoor patio covered by a roof supported by posts.
Saltillo tile - (sal-tee'-yo) A fired earthen tile made in Mexico.
Stucco - (stu'-ko) Final color coat plastered on exterior of an adobe-style building.
Talavera Tile - (tal'-a-ver-a) Colorful hand-decorated Mexican tile used for counter tops and trim.
Viga - (vee'-ga) A round log used as ceiling beams, usually pine or spruce.

saltillo tile horno and banco corbel canale
Saltillo Tile Horno & Banco Corbel Canale
lintel nicho portal latilla
Lintel Nicho Portal Latilla
stucco talavera tile vigas arroyo
Stucco Talavera Tile Vigas Arroyo